Precious Stone & Monument Restoration

Stone & Monument Restoration in Utah

Stone & Monument Restoration in Utah

Precious Stones Monument Restoration is a mobile stone and monument restoration service based in Holladay, Utah. With over 18 years of experience in the monument restoration industry, the team at Precious Stone Monument Restoration will travel to your job site in Salt Lake City, Park City, and other surrounding areas in Utah. If you want a fully restored, which consists of stripping of hard water, full color restoration, UV Sealant protectant, stone polisher and protection which slows down the hard water process over time. We can clean and restore it to new in no time. We are here to serve our community by honoring the lives and preserving the memories of your loved ones, by helping preserve and restore the monuments or headstones.

We also sell new monuments as well. Let us help you choose the right stone to remember those you love through longevity.

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Stone & Monument Restoration

Full Cleaning & Restoration

We clean, polish, protect, restore, enhance and add color, and improve definition and details within any headstone or stone monument in Utah. Precious Stones Monument Restoration is a fully mobile service that will travel to the job site in surrounding Utah areas.

Maintainable Stones

We offer free consultations to help customers pick out a monument that will require the least amount of maintenance over time.

Regular Maintenance

Our team also offers yearly maintenance services to keep headstones or other stone monuments looking bright, polished, and clean at all times.

Common Damage & Solutions

At Precious Stones Monument Restoration of Holladay, Utah, we offer different processes for various types of monuments. We can restore and clean them, eliminate staining, iron bleeding, and yellow coloring, enhance and add new colors or features, polish them to get them shiny, bright, and looking good as new once again.


Rainwater runs through the stone and stains it – Our yearly maintenance services will prevent staining.

Color Restoration

Color restoration and adding color – We have perfected the solution to restore and enhance colors in monuments.

Monument Restoration

Restore monuments – We take old monuments and completely restoring them, often making them look better than they did when brand new!

Definition and Detail

Improve definition and details – We can improve and enhance the definition, features, and details of headstones and monuments to make them look restored or completely new.

Strip Monument

Strip monument – We can add primers to the color and paint the monument with a UV protective covering to prevent yellowing over time.

Iron Bleeding

Iron bleeding – We apply a protective coat to the monument to prevent iron material from bleeding and staining the monument.

Water Corrosion

Water corrosion – We can restore bronze plates after water corrosion.

Broken Seals

Broken seals – We can reseal and reposition the stone in case of the seal breaking so that we can clean the entire area and beneath the stone.

The repositioning prevents any migration or movement and keeps mold from growing under it.

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